Blogging On Hold For Now


August 10, 2012 by galudwig

My time to blog has run out for now, unfortunately.

As a freelancer, my schedule can be wide open for a while and then suddenly get so full I can’t find the time or energy anymore to blog on matters of politics and economics after work.

This has now happened, as I recently got a new ‘big’ client which almost doubles my previous workload, just after starting a new personal project.

So, for now, I’ll have to leave the WordPress world for a while, though I’ll surely be back at some point in the future, probably with renewed energy, and with my own hosting (as the personal project involves getting that).

All who have visited this website and read and commented on my thoughts in the past few weeks/months, thank you.

I will be visiting your blogs in my free time– well, actually, I’ll just be reading them through the WordPress plugin on Pidgin. But I probably won’t comment for fear of getting the political blog bug again and losing time I just can’t afford to miss right now.

So long, WordPress, until next time!


One thought on “Blogging On Hold For Now

  1. Enjoy your time away.

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