GOP strategist predicts Ron Paul will be on the ticket


February 9, 2012 by galudwig

Republican strategist Jack Burkman made a bold prediction on Freedom Watch: Ron Paul will be on the presidential ticket.



While the thought of Ron Paul actually becoming the nominee gives me a raging political boner, the prediction seems outlandish. The Ron Paul campaign is claiming that Paul is winning the delegate battle, but I don’t quite see it happening at all. Furthermore, Burkman’s expectation of Paul being picked by Romney as VP is straight up crazy talk. There is no way that Romney would use Paul as his running mate and even if the scenario unfolds exactly as Burkman predicts, Paul would not accept it.

Consistency and principled radicalism in defense of liberty are what defines the Ron Paul campaign. Accepting a subordinate position under a flip-flopping corporatist statolator like Romney would not only enrage Paul’s base, but hurt his credibility with the general public as well. It is much more likely, and in my opinion even desirable, that Paul runs as an independent. Sure it would invite huge criticism from the conservative crowd that is only interested in “beating Obama”, but there is nothing to be won from those people anyway.

My political wet dream for this election is that the Paul campaign manages to forge an alliance with the OWS crowd, pulls in the likes of Kucinich and Nader, chooses a Walter Block, Tom Woods or Lew Rockwell kind of person as his running mate, runs as a third party candidate and then manages to get over a quarter of the popular vote from across the political spectrum, setting the stage for a definitive political realignment and a possible libertarian victory in 2016. My point? We can all dream about revolutions happening now, but, for them to have any meaning, even dreams have to be somewhat realistic. Paul actually winning the nomination is unlikely, but Paul being picked by Romney to run alongside of him is one of the craziest things I’ve heard this year. RP is hugely successful at getting the libertarian message out there. The progress that the movement of radical liberty has made over the past decade is enormous, particularly on the Republican side of the traditional spectrum. The next step in finally turning around the trend towards collapse must be the education of the confused young anti-establishment protesters. In my opinion, getting the OWS crowd or their quiet sympathizers to turn away from socialism and embrace libertarianism instead is crucial for our quest to get real hope and change. Their re-education must begin now. Time will tell whether it’s too late or not.


2 thoughts on “GOP strategist predicts Ron Paul will be on the ticket

  1. I tend to agree with you. However, I will say here in my home state of Georgia the delegates for Ron Paul are highly organized giving me a glimmer of hope for Super Tuesday. I have been contacted and will be serving as a local delegate in support of Ron Paul. We are nominating other Ron Paul supporters to move up to the State level and hopefully get enough support to win the state. As the saying goes “think globally, act locally.” We are doing just that and if we can get all of the Ron Paul supporters to act on their convictions we can make a huge dent!

    • galudwig says:

      Well, don’t get me wrong, in no way am I saying that there is no hope for Ron Paul this cycle. In fact, I’ve been very pleasantly surprised many times already during the run-up to this nomination and there’s still a long way to go. Paul winning a state would be a game-changer for sure, if not now, then definitely for the next time around (assuming there will be a Ron Paul-esque candidate next time). That would really cripple the all-too-common “I really like his ideas, but it’s not going to happen so I’m gonna vote for someone who is the polar opposite of Paul instead”-schtick. Believe me, if I weren’t stuck here on the other side of the Atlantic, I’d be right there with you guys campaigning for this man!

      But, while the idea that Paul will win the nomination is very, very slim, but not outside the boundaries of reality, him accepting the VP-position on Romney’s ticket is simply absurd!

      But anyway, thanks for the comments and keep up the good fight friend! And here’s to hoping Paul will go all the way 🙂

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