I hate snow

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February 4, 2012 by galudwig

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates recently. I’m having some difficulty getting back into my old routine, but it’ll get better after the girlfriend comes back from her holiday 🙂

Secondly, I hate snow. Especially the wet, dirty, sludgy kind that seems to be all over the UK right now. I hate the way it looks, I hate walking on it, I hate how, no matter how much time you spend wiping your feet at the front door, an absurd amount of water will still seep, slowly but surely, from your boots, leaving stains on the floor.

Did I mention how I hate walking on it? Oh how I loathe it. It looks dirty and not slippery, but actually, it is damn slippery. I don’t understand how everyone seems to go about their business, paying no attention to this silent killer, while I have to move at a snail-pace just to avoid slipping and breaking my neck.

It’s so dirty too. So many people like snow. And, in theory at least, I agree with them. The idea of snow is a good one. A small layer of pristine whiteness covering the world as we know it and giving joy to all who are lucky enough to witness it. But this is not what it looks like in practice. In reality, snow gets stepped or driven on, and as soon as this happens, it ceases to be nice and white and instead becomes nasty and disgusting. There are few things that are more of a turn off than black snow.

On my way back from the store today, some kids were throwing snowballs.

What a load of crap.


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