Songs of the Mises-Kreis


February 1, 2012 by galudwig

In the 20s and 30s of the previous century, Ludwig von Mises’ legendary Privatseminar was the intellectual hotspot of Europe, a place where the most eminent economists, philosophers and historians met one another to discuss the most important issues of the day. The enormous scientific contributions which sprung from this weekly seminar are probably too great in number to enumerate, but contemporary readers may be surprised that the members not only attempted to formulate answers to Great Questions, but engaged in a fair amount of singing as well.

Over the years, one of the regulars at the seminar, the philosopher Felix Kaufman, wrote new lyrics to well-known, melodies and songs, which were then performed by the members. Recently the lyrics were translated into English, bundled with the piano sheet music and released as a book and pdf.

(Yes this is the same Kaufman whom Mises, in a humorous fantasy described in My Years, imagined as the crooner in his Latin American nightclub, next to head waiter F.A. Hayek and club gigolo Fritz Machlup)

I won’t talk more about the actual songs, because already described all of them right here. I remember watching a video which featured, among others,  Jeffrey Tucker and Guido Hulsmann, and had them singing the whole collection, but unfortunately I can’t find it anymore for some reason. But a rendition of The Downfall of the Business Cycle can be found here.

Check out these great songs and their interesting lyrics!


One thought on “Songs of the Mises-Kreis

  1. Today there is less singing and more power point. 🙂

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