Paper bags and rain

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January 12, 2012 by galudwig

I hate paper bags!

Before I moved to the UK, I’d hardly ever been handed a paper bag in a clothing store or supermarket. Here, on the other hand, there are multiple stores which only use paper bags, notably Primark.

Sorry, but why are we not given the choice between paper or plastic? Yesterday, I went to Primark to buy myself a new bathrobe. I was handed a paper bag and was told that plastic bags weren’t used anymore by the company due to environmental concerns. As I walked back to my apartment, it rained. A lot. Like it always does in this country.

Result? The paper bag got drenched and became heavier and heavier due to the weight of the water. In the end, it left me standing in the rain like an idiot, paper handle in hand, new bathrobe in the gutter. Thanks a lot, environmentalists.


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