Music – Chopin Op. 25 No. 5

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January 3, 2012 by galudwig

I recently shared my second favorite Chopin etude, so here’s my #1 favorite. This one is just really amazing, but you might have to listen to it a couple of times to really appreciate it for its genius, complexity and beauty.


This etude was nicknamed the “wrong note etude” for its early explorations of dissonance. Of course, to modern ears, with 20th-century piano music fresh in our memories, this hardly sounds dissonant at all, but the beginning and ending are indeed remarkable for the chords which, in isolation, would sound “wrong”. But, even though it starts off playful and somewhat aggressive, in the middle part, Chopin comes out with probably one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing melodies he ever put to paper. Especially the repetition of the theme in the left hand from 1:38 is remarkable, while the right hand picks up more speed, turning the triplets into quadruplets, ending finally in the “wrong notes” theme from the beginning.

Uhh okay I just really like this etude 🙂


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