Recreating history: Magna Mundi the Game

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December 28, 2011 by galudwig

Not long now. Just a few months more and Magna Mundi the Game is coming out! Now this is one game I absolutely cannot wait for! I must have visited the website and the Paradox forums hundreds of times now, I’ve read all the developer diaries and have actually dreamed about playing it!

Based on what I’ve seen and read, Magna Mundi looks like it will be the greatest historical game ever created. To be honest, I was never a big fan of “vanilla” Europa Universalis, finding it too gamey. When the whole concept of the game is historical accuracy and plausible scenarios, it just feels off to see never-ending wars, giant swaths of land changing hands every 30 years, France and Austria dividing Europe amongst themselves by the middle of the 16th century, and, most annoyingly, being able to field giant armies, make ridiculous amounts of money and conquer the entire globe in a minimum of time with any country whatsoever. But the Magna Mundi mod for EU3 is… AMAZING! I’ve spent so many hours playing it, and it really made me feel like I was in control of a nation during the age of discovery.

When I heard that the makers of the Magna Mundi mod were going to create their own standalone game based on the EU3, I could hardly believe my luck. Honestly, I haven’t even played EU3 since then simply because I can’t stop thinking of how much better this is going to be! This game is going to be the pinnacle of historical plausibility and it’s going to be the cause of many a history geek’s wet dream. Let’s all buy this game, disappear into our basement’s to play it non-stop for a few weeks and pray to the almighty Paradox Interactive that more games like this will be made in the future!


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