Memorable music video: Denki Groove – Flashback Disco

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December 17, 2011 by galudwig

I love Denki Groove. Not just for their kickass electropop tunes, but for their innovative and extremely creative videos as well. They’ve got some classic groovy tunes and a lot of awesome, breathtaking videos, but none has a catchier melody or a more bizarre video as Flashback Disco.

Now, the tune speaks for itself. I like it and if you’re into the genre, you’ll like it too. The lyrics don’t seem all that weird, other than being in Japanese and having the line “it’s gon’ get you laid” repeated over and over, but, hey, for a Japanese song, this is very normal, isn’t it?

But what the HELL is up with that video?

I mean, if I’m understanding this correctly, a cow with a hook for a hand and an octopus for a scarf is chilling out with his reindeer friend who is taking out some kind of chicken roast from the oven while a bunch of flowers who have faces dance around in the bath tub. They sing Flashback Disco and talk to a computer while contemplating whether to launch the rocket in the middle of their room until a dancer with a mantis head interrupts them with some tribal moves. Before they know it, money begins to rain down from the sky which eventually prompts the cow to come to a decision and launch the rocket.

Well, whatever. I like it.


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