Government identifies problem for government, urges more government as solution

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December 15, 2011 by galudwig

In yet another instance of the government discovering and identifying a certain problem which of course begs for a solution involving further government intervention, the British Prime Minister is now outlining plans for the creation of a “network of troubleshooters” which are to give “more focused support to England’s most troubled families”.

Helpful expert shooting troubles for a customer

Cameron begins by exposing the failure of -erm- his own army of government bureaucrats who are supposedly doing this already by referring to them as

a string of well-meaning, disconnected officials.

But, have no fear, the government is here! And here it is to help, because Cameron

has promised to turn around the lives of 120,000 families by 2015.

Kind of like a superhero, isn’t he? But wait, perhaps selflessness is not all which moves this modern day Gandhi to action, for:

Ministers say troubled families are costing the state an estimated £9bn a year in terms of spending on the NHS, the police and social services.

How dare these families cost the state so much money in the services which it coerces the whole population to use without any choice or competition being allowed in the matter!

Families who refused to cooperate could face benefit sanctions or eviction

So, like pretty much all government programs, it’s a case of let us help you, or DIE.

Anyway, Cameron claims that the new project wouldn’t actually cost additional money because £448m would be diverted from existing departmental budgets. But, considering the track-record of government and the tendency of bureaucracies to expand to meet the needs of ever-expanding bureaucracies, I think it is safe to say that this will become yet another well-intentioned (or is it?) bottomless well to throw more and more tax-funded money in.

Of course, it’s not good that troubled families are harming others, especially the children who grow up in these families. But can we please stop looking to the state to solve every problem? Why do we unthinkingly accept the government’s notion that they can solve these problems in the first place?

via BBC News – Troubleshooters to be sent in to help problem families.


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